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The Better Sunday's Flea Market Find

July 16, 2013

Every girl on the go knows how important it is to be economical with purse size by carring only the necessities. However, I am not one of those girls. I prefer to lug around large tote bags and apologize to every one I ram into as I walk down the sidewalk. Clutches are nice, but they don't really work for me; I always like to carry an extra pair of shoes, a 32 oz water bottle, and a microwave.
While at the Rose Bowl flea market on Sunday, I cam across Akeza Handmade, a vendor that sells these HUGE totes made by Malagasy families. They are super sturdy and the colors are I bought two. 
1 lizard bag  flea market bag 
Aside from being gorgeous, they have a great drawstring top closure which keeps my useless crap necessities from spilling. These bags are going to make hauling laundry, farmers market trips, and long days at the beach oh so stylish. 
pocket for storing keys and your wallet
They seriously are ginormous! If I was any sort of flexible I could probably jump in and my entire lower body would fit. 
When I was at the booth, it took me a solid 20 minutes of debating before I could decide on the colors that I wanted. They are wallet friendly at $40 a piece. I already knew that two was a little excessive so I managed to reign myself in not buy everything that caught my eye. If you are ever in the Pasadena, CA area be sure to check out the famous flea market that takes place the second Sunday of every month. It is the best place for finding unique treasures.

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