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The Better DIY: Crochet Detail Tee

July 26, 2013

Being a college student I have a pretty impressive tee shirt collection. Every fair, club, and event lures students in with the promise of free pizza and a nice cotton shirt, so I have accumulated more of them than I can count. Here is a really cute and easy DIY on how to add a crochet detailing to an old tee you have. This is especially fantastic for shirts that are a little lose because the crochet weave ends up taking the shirt in a bit.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 12.37.19 AM
Step 1: Fold shirt in half lengthwise
2. Measure and mark 1 cm increments along 1 cm away from the folded edge
3. Cut the 1 cm incriments (when unfolded you will have a line of 2cm slits)
4. Lightly pull the tee shirt so the edges of the slits will stretch and roll
5. Crochet the cut slits
6. Sew down the first and last loop so crochet weave will not come undone
Voila! You are left with a simple and easy detail that you can add to any tee shirt. I chose to do mine down the center of the back, but this can be done anywhere on the shirt. Next tim I think I will do along the sides. 
abc guide
For those of you who don't know how to do the crochet part of the DIY, here is a little bit of instruction on how to do it.
1. Slide hook through loop a and loop b
2. Hook loop a and pull it through loop b
3. Keep loop a on hook
4. With loop a on needle slide hook up and grab loop c to pull it down through loop a.
Hopefully this is clear, but if you need a video to help you out, no worries there are plenty of them on youtube that can help you out.


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