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The Better DIY: Smart Phone Projector

July 17, 2013

If you are ever at a party and want to show off the latest viral cat video, here is a super easy DIY for creating a projector. Obviously this isn't going to give you HD quality projections, but its better than having 10 people huddling around you to see the screen. 
supplies steps 1-4
1. Draw a circle on your box that is a tiny bit smaller than your magnifying glass
2. Using an x acto knife (be carful) cut circle into box
3. From the inside of the box glue magnifying glass down so it is right behind the circle opening
4. This step is optional. But since I can never leave well enough alone, I chose to cover my "projector" with some scrapbooking paper. 
If you want you can make yourself a little makeshift kickstand using a paperclip. Place your smartphone in the box. You will have to play around with your phone to see how close you should put it to the magnifying glass to get the picture in focus. Also try moving the box closer and further to the projection wall to help get a sharper image. It is important to turn off the setting that rotates your image with your phone automatically. This is because for the image to be projected right side up, the image on your phone needs to be upside down. It may seem a little confusing now, but once you make your own and mess around with it for a few minutes, you will understand. 
Now it's time to pull up your favorite Youtube video or show off your Instagram feed!



  1. I had no idea you could do this !

    1. I saw this project and thought there was now way it could work, but it totally does!


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