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The Better Martha's Wardrobe Essentials

July 19, 2013

Despite my love for Fashion Police and sifting through InStyle magazine, I don't consider myself to be a fashionista. Shopping is way too arduous and overwhelming for me to find it enjoyable. Honestly if I had it my way, my wardrobe would refresh itself occasionally without me ever having to step into a store. Unfortunately this will never be my reality, and since I do want to look presentable to society I just have to suck it up. However, I have found that keeping my wardrobe down to a few essentials limits the time I spend shopping and saves me time getting ready in the morning. 
1. Tweed jacket/ 2. Jean jacket/ 3. Blazer/ 4. Cardigan/ 5. Coat (I like a classic silhouette in a bold print or color)/ 6. Trouser with a very subtle plaid or stripe/ 7. Dark wash jeans/ 8. LBD/ 9. LWD/ 10. Bright day dress/ 11. Daytime A-Line/ 12. Bright silk scarf/ 13. Nude heels with no platform/ 14. Black flats/ 15. Crisp button down/ 16. Chambray shirt/ 17. Neutral blouse/ 18. Black tee/ 19. White tee/ 20. Black everyday bag

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