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The Better Martha Talks Dorm Decor

August 20, 2013

It's the end of August and the Bed Bath & Beyond executives are just giddy as can be; 'tis the season for college students to spend boatloads of money. The question everyone has on their mind is how to turn their dorm room into an atmosphere that does not look like the set of Orange is the New Black. Am I right or am I right? For those returning to school this talk may be old hat (but you might still learn something new), but to the baby freshies out there listen up my dears. TBM is about to give you some very useful advice.

Tips for a Beautiful Dorm Room
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Freshly cut flowers or a reed scent diffuser are fantastic ways for your room to scream "home" rather than "prison."

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Just buy them. Over door hooks, command hooks, any kind of hook will help you utilize wall space and free up floor space for a more open feeling in your cramped room.

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A well organized closet is a must. If you have any hope of fitting a fraction of your at home closet into your dorm this is a rule you must adhere to.

The simplest way to class up your space is by putting poster, pictures, and art into frames. Now that Command has these hanging frames couldn't be simpler with the the no nails rule.

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No one wants to see the dirty laundry you keep under your bed, including you. Cover it up with a bed skirt. For my dorm, I bought extra long curtains and tucked them horizontally between my mattress and bed frame.

Get some nice bedding. Go on, do it! Bedding, curtains, and art are the three main ways to add sparkle to your room, so you want to make sure you do it right. My friend Brittany here has made me proud with a monogramed lumbar pillow.

A large rug not only hides icky floors, but adds an extra design element. By using a large rug you get a nice carpeting effect (which I prefer to a dinky rug that only covers a small bit of space).
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