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The Better Reminder of Home: Glitter State DIY

August 14, 2013

Although this DIY project wound up being a gift for someone, my plan to make this adorable piece of art did not start off with such generous intentions. In fact, I struggled for a solid hour trying to think of a way I could get this from LA to NY in one piece, and thus keep it for myself. It's just that luggage--no matter how large --seems to fill up so quickly. Even I know that leaving your winter coat in California in order to have enough room to bring some art work is not the best of ideas. 
First image What You'll Need
1. Picture frame with mat/ 2. Fine glitter/ 3. Outline of your state/ 4. Heart shaped brads/ 5. Mod Podge matte/ 6. Cardstock (to cut state out of and to mat the glitter state on)/ 7. Foam paint brush/ 8. Small scissors/ 9. Pen/ 10. Hairspray
Step 1 Cut State Out
Step 1: Find an outline of your state by image searching "x state outline" in Google
Step 2: Cut state out and trace it onto cardstock
Step 3: Cut the shape of your state out of the card stock
Step 2 Cover w: Mod Podge
Step 4: Cover your state with a thin layer of Mod PodgeStep 3 Cover with Glitter
Step 5: Cover your state with a thick layer of glitter and allow to rest for 5 minutes
Step 6: Shake of excess glitter, then repeat step 4 & 5
Step 4 Paint
I chose to paint my brads pink, but this is optional 
Step 5 Paint HeartsStep 6 Cut Brad Ends
Step 7: Cut the back off the brad
Step 7 Hot Glue Heart Brads
Step 8: Spritz the glitter state with some hair spray so the glitter stays in place
Step 9: Hot glue the brad onto your home city
This DIY is a gift for someone who is from Massachusetts, but currently calls California her home. I thought I'd make two states (one on the front of blue paper and one on the back) to give her the option of which one to display.
In the end I'm glad that I gave it to her because she sent me this picture showing me just how well it went with her living room decor. Anyway, my good karma jar was starting to look a little empty, so maybe this gift will result in some good luck sent my way...or at least that's what I keep telling myself so I don't march to Taylor's house and take it back.


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