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Styled With Lauren: A Better Fashion Post

September 15, 2013

The thing about being friends with me is that eventually, at some point, you will be roped into helping me with my blog. Some positions are coveted (taste tester), and some jobs are detested (prop holder). Either way, the result is me slyly luring people away from their day's plans so that I can boss them around. Today was no different, except for the unusual amount of compliance I received from my new friend, Lauren. 
Laruen & tree
Lauren, like me, is a transfer student. And get this: we are from the same town, have mutual friends, and went to schools that are only a few minutes away from each other! I guess it makes sense that we became friends; after all we both were insane enough to leave the perfect California weather for the adventure of The City.

I go to school with a lot of well dressed women, but Lauren's style particularly stuck out because of her love of distressed vintage items (like her tee and jeans) paired with touches of feminine sophistication (her necklace). 
Arrows on LaurenLauren's NecklaceLauren's BootsLauren's Bangs
She is the only person I know who has bangs like this, and looks chic (and not like a 12 year-old who just had an unfortunate appointment at Super Cuts). 
Lauren on steps
Coach bag purchased on eBay
I am seriously obsessed with everything Lauren wears, and I desperately feel that she should be the face of Madewell, JCrew, or some other equally cool brand... and not just because I would hope to snag some free swag (not that I'd object).
Lauren was such a great sport and so much fun to shoot with. Hopefully she will be making some reapperances (Lauren if you're reading this: *cough cough hint hint nudge nudge*).


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