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The Better Dorm Room Grocery Shopping

September 02, 2013

Though I now live in NYC, a city that never sleeps and is willing to deliver anything to your doorstep, I understand the importance of stocking my dorm with great snacks. Any New Yorker knows dining out or ordering delivery is the fastest way to rack up a credit card bill, therefore grocery shopping is a must. 
I hate venturing to the nearest Trader Joe's because the store is always packed with customers, and it is no fun playing the game of Avoid Running Over Toddlers with the Grocery Cart. But when push comes to shove, the trip does save me quite a bit of money in the long run.

1. Grapefruit/ 2. Almond milk/ 3. Greek yogurt/ 4. Kashi Heart to Heart/ 5. Cantaloupe/ 6. Nectarines/ 7. Granny Smith apples/ 8. Trail mix (cashews, almonds and cranberries)/ 9. Cherry tomatoes/ 10. Baby carrots/ 11. Golden raisins/ 12. Chia seeds/ 13. Blueberries/ 14. Peanut butter/ 15. Bananas/ 16. Hummus/ 17. Mini chocolate bars/ 18. Granola (totally stolen from my sisters pantry)/ 19. Luna bars
a little closer fruit
I make sure to wash the apples and nectarines and separate the carrots, trail mix and cherry tomatoes into single sized serving bags. Perfect for a busy student on the go. When the melon ripens, I'll slice it up and keep it in little take out containers that I reuse (because it is cheaper than tupperware and does the same job). 


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