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The Better Restaurant: Fiat Cafe in SoHo (NY)

September 05, 2013

I live uptown, so enduring the 40 minute subway ride to SoHo takes a bit of magic or the promise of an amazing restaurant experience. My friend Jolie convinced me to make the trek, and although she is one of the most darling people I have ever met, she is no magician. However, I think the chefs of Fiat Cafe might possess some great powers. Anyone that can make vegetables taste this good has probably gotten their acceptance letter from Hogwarts already (after all, it is September). 
Cafe Fiat 1
{Vegetable panini with goat cheese}
{Iced latte}
cafe 1
image via google
cafe 2
image via google
The restaurant is oh so charming. I mean any place with a chalkboard menu automatically puts me in a good mood. If that isn't cute enough to impress you, then I promise the darling little toy cars displayed on the wall will charm your pants off! 
Although I came with a friend, Fiat Cafe is the perfect place to go if you are by yourself and looking for a quick lunch. With plenty of magazines, the small cafe doesn't make you feel like a complete loser when you request a table for one. Yummy and well within my price range, this will be my go to place for a light lunch. Do note that this is a cash only restaurant and the ATM around the corner will charge you $3.00. 
Fiat Cafe
203 Mott St, New York, NY 10012
(212) 969-1809
Monday-Sunday 8am-11pm

Plenty more restaurant reviews to come as I take New York by storm!


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