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The Better Maraschino Cherries (a.k.a Drunken Cherries)

September 10, 2013

   Drunken cherries
When I was younger the best thing about going out to family dinners was ordering my signature cocktail (a Shirley Temple) with extra cherries. What? Did you expect me to say the best part was quality time with my parents? My parents were always home, but maraschino cherries weren't. In my 8 year old mind, cherries trumped parents. 
I don't have a tool to pit cherries so I have to do it the good ol' fashion way
I came up with this recipe as I was in the kitchen trying to make a sophisticated cherry ice cream from scratch, and I can hardly keep my fingers out the jar long enough to type a few coherent sentences. It's too delicious. I already plan on straining the cherries and putting them into ice cream, but I could also use the syrup as a topping. Also, the syrup is delicious mixed with ginger ale or sparkling water. 
cherriespandrunken cherries overhead
Why yes, indeed, that is a Gucci advertisement as the backdrop. 

2 cups cherries
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons whiskey 
The juice of 3 medium sized lemons

1. In pan combine sugar, cherries, lemon and whiskey
2. Cook over medium high, until sugar dissolves. Cherries should be soft but not mushy.


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