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The Best Grandparents

May 25, 2012

There's Mothers Day and Fathers Day, but for some reason there is no Grandparents Day. You would think that the Hallmark company would try to create one, but for reasons that I do not know grandmas and grandpas have been shoved to the side. Here is a post about my grandparents. May now and forever officially be titled Grandparents Day.

This is my grandpa (my dads dad). His name is Zephenia, but I have many nicknames for him like Gimpy, Grampster, and G-Unit. I love taking pictures of him because his face has such character. Look at that firm skin and even complexion. I promise you photoshop was not used. He says his secret is hard work, lots of naps, and carrot juice. Every time I visit he enjoys taking me around and showing me off to all his friends who have already met me 1,001 times, but it's okay I don't mind. He also has a way of making a three minute story last a solid ten minutes, but I suspect that is hardwired into the brain of every grandpa. 
This is my grandma (my moms mom). She is known to many as Miss Myrtle, but I call her Grandmimi. She's so adorable and has the sweetest laugh. She is also the only person I know who likes to iron, and oh boy, does she do it well. Never do I leave her house with a wrinkle in my dress or a pleat out of place. Usually when I'm telling people in my family to hurry up I say, "Come on, Miss Myrtle moves faster than you," but it's not really that much of an insult because she does move around quite quickly. If you haven't had a good nights rest she's not easy to keep up with. 

They both give me oodles of love, food, and stories, but one of my favorite characteristics are their charming Jamaican accents.

We spent some time at a park in Boston and I taught Gimpy how to use a digital camera. This is the first photo he's ever taken with a DSLR. He was so fascinated that he could immediately see the picture on the screen. "This is much better than those film cameras," he said.

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