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The Better Daily Essentials

May 08, 2012

There is something so fascinating and forbidden about peeking into the handbag of a woman. You can learn more about someone from what they deem every day essentials than you can from a fifteen minute conversation. The lady that carries dog treats is far different from the woman who carries five different shades of lipstick. Here is a peek of what I carry with me (minus crumpled receipts, spare change, and gum wrappers, of course). 
1. Altoids/ 2. Powdered water flavoring / 3. Cosmetic case/ 4. Keys, mini nail clippers, and the doo-dad for the ball machine at the driving range/ 5. Kindle / 6. Think Thin brownie crunch bar / 7. Note book and Tiffany's pen/ 8. Marc Jacobs wallet/ 9. iPhone and headphones / 10. Juicy business card case / 11. Weekly copy of The Economist/ 12. Lilly Pulitzer agenda / 13. Burberry aviators

IMG_8460 copy
1. Cosmetic case from Ann Taylor Loft/ 2. Bobbi Brown finishing powder/ 3. Neosporin/ 4. Bandaids/ 5. Missoni scented hand lotion/ 6. Nivea lip balm/ 7. YSL Touche Eclat/ 8. Bobbi Brown stick foundation/ 9. Benefit mini mascara/ 10. Eos lip balm/ 11. Bobbi Brown blush/ 12. Hair ties and hair pins/ 13. Bobbi Brown kabuki brush

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