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The Better Things I'm Loving

May 22, 2012

As the school year came to a close, the life changes that seemed so far away are quickly approaching. Last Wednesday was my last day of high school, and in two weeks I will be graduating. Here are some of the things I'm most appreciative of right now.
{A peak at the outfit I'll be wearing on Honors Day}

{My graduation dress}
UPDATE: You may have noticed in my graduation post that I didn't end up wearing this beaded dress. For the last few months I have taken up running and until a week before graduation I didn't realize that I had lost quite a few lbs. I tried on my dress and to my surprise it wouldn't stay on! Because of the boning and beading I just had to get a new dress, but it worked out for the better since I think the Ralph Lauren dress is waaay prettier!
{TV on DVD}

Screen shot 2012-04-29 at 2.05.39 PM
{My college acceptance letter; they mention my application essay about Martha Stewart}

Oscar de la Renta Scarf
{My Oscar de la Renta scarf that adds sophistication to even jeans and a tee shirt}


{View from the second story}

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