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The Better Wish (That Won't Come True)

May 15, 2012

Sometimes I really wish there was a way to prepare a plate for each and every one of my readers. I don't know how it would work; maybe you would click a button and next to your keyboard a little takeout box containing food from my kitchen would appear. This desire of mine always creeps up when I prepare something especially delicious, and last weekends dinner was one of those occasions. 
An herb roasted chicken, asparagus, and mashed potatoes may not seem like anything particularly special, and for the most part it's not. However, I have perfected the method for cooking poultry, and I am dying to share it with the world. 
1. Marinate chicken overnight in favorite marinade, making sure to puncture the breast for thorough flavoring.
2. Stuff chicken with an onion or apple (something that has a good amount of moisture).
3. Put chicken on its breast then wrap pan with plastic cling wrap, then wrap with a layer of foil.
4. Bake chicken.
5. 30-45 minutes before chicken is finished cooking remove from oven and flip on back.
6. Remove foil and plastic wrap, and allow it to brown in the oven for the remaining cook time.
{Sauteing asparagus}

{The dinner table}

{Garlic, parmesan mashed potatoes}

{Backyard garden}


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