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The Better Business Card

May 05, 2012

I am am crazy in love with cute call cards, and for ages I have wanted my own. When I went to some of the local stationary and printing shops, I saw so many wonderful cards at not so wonderful prices. $50 for 100 was a bit hefty for my budget forcing me to walk away. As a person who takes pride in creative problem solving, I knew this was an opportunity to cross a project off my list without breaking bank. 
Inspired by cards like this, this, and this, I decided to design my own, and find a way to get them printed that wouldn't leave my wallet dry.
I found that Zazzle is a great way to design your own business cards. You can get a pack of 100 for $16 dollars. What a steal! I got my chevron pattern here and designed my card using snagit (I'm sure you could use Gimp or Photoshop as well). Play around with designs until you are satisfied. It took me several hours to make mine because I kept tweaking it. If you are looking to save some more, you should sign up for the Zazzle Black account 30 day trial and get free ground shipping. The whole process from designing to receiving my cards in the mail took only 6 days.

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